As the electronics industry is looking for more specialized plastic film capacitors with finer quality, Xebor answers with our wide range of products as well as superior quality.

Our factory in China was approved for ISO9002 in 1997. And now, more international approvals are available from our Class X1, X2, Y2 and AC Power capacitors.

- Auto Winding Machine
- Thermal Press Machine
- Protective Taping Machine
- Metal Spray Machine
- Auto Clean Machine
- Lead Wire Welding Machine
- Auto Quantitation Infusion Machine
- Silicon Dipping Machine
- Marking Machine
- Auto Selecting Machine

We have a comprehensive QC program to achieve 100-percent defect-free products to win our clients reliability. All our products have to undergo strict QC tests. In addition to basic tests, they must pass a series of tests, such as heat resistance, pressure, humidity and operating time tests to ensure a longer product life span. Most of our products conform to many safety standards such as UL, CSA, VDE, DEMKO and more.

R & D
R & D projects are carried out by five engineers, to whom three percent of our sales turnover is allocated. Their responsibilities are to enhance product quality and prolong product life cycles. We believe that strong R & D is the central issue to counteract competition in the international marketplace. All our technicians have to keep learning technologically to meet clients' demands.

Year Establish : 1984
Number of Employee : 12
Set Up Capital : US$20,000
Annual Sales : US$4,200,000 (1999)

Employee - 28
Factory Area - 6,000 sq. ft.
Production Capacity - 6,000,000 pcs. / month

Employee - 320
Factory Area - 20,000 sq. ft.
Production Capacity - 13,000,000 pcs. / month

MEX (Class X1 & X2) - UL, CSA, VDE, Nemko, Semko, Demko, Fimko, SEV
MEY Series (Class Y2) - UL, CUL
AC Power Capacitor - UL, VDE

ISO9002 Certified for China Factory (No. 0499B041)
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